Expert Motor Service at Marine Makeover Solutions


When you begin a service relationship with Marine Makeover Solutions, we'll work together over the life of your boat - and get much more enjoyment out of your boat. 

There is more to a boat's life than the ordinary maintenance we might give our family car or other motorized equipment we own.  Proper boat care is assured long term when someone not only "knows" you, but knows your boat and how it is used.  Boats are more often like prized muscle cars than ordinary vehicles which get serviced every few thousand miles.  When specialty equipment is installed and boats become more unique, having a relationship with a competent caretaker makes the boat's owner happier long term.  The likelihood of expensive or suprise repairs goes down substantially when a boat is tended to by an expert who knows it.  

Marine Makeover Solutions is ready to begin a relationship with your family and your boat no matter your situation.  If everything is running great and you need to get on a new maintenance schedule with competent care, wonderful.  We're ready.  If something has gone seriously wrong and you're at wit's end, you have our attention.  

Boat motors have a special life. 

Whether outboard or inboard, boat motors experience a volume and variety of variables which require us to stay on top of them.  If we want our boat to be ready to run at all times, we have to keep focused on all the little things which can trip up even the most devoted boat owner.  Usually we're bedeviled by fuel or battery issues, sometimes our cooling loop is clogged or something else not visually evident causes us heartburn and expense.  

No matter your boat, we'd love to be part of its life.  Caring for its motor is a key part of excellent maintenance, and we're ready to give you better service and a lot of relief.  


We’re excited when a great testimonial arrives, because it means so much to us. 

Genuinely Personal Service

Every boat is a unique case, even similar models owned by different families.  The expectations are different, boat use is different and many variables exist.  We'll review your boat and how you use it.  Of course we'll get the basics right to assure you have all the information to keep your boat safe, afloat and functional when you're ready to use it. 

Marine knowledge

Sincerely, this is a significant reason many choose Marine Makeover Solutions.  Applying carpet and refinishing gel are simply different for the marine environment, requiring specialized knowledge of how materials will perform in the most difficult environments.  This extends to the installation of electronics which must not only serve in challenging environments, but must also be properly wired and secured for your safety and the best life cycle the device can expect.  We bring craftsmanship and know-how to some of the most difficult environments materials and machinery can experience.  


The best results for you begin with an accurate assessment of your boat's condition and its needs - relative to how you use your boat and what you truly need for its best service to your family.  We believe our capability gives you better, more thorough information at the outset which enables you to make better decisions on which projects come first.  And as we know, with boats there is an expectation needs and projects will occur.  

By doing the up front work thoroughly and giving each job excellent, expert attention until it's complete, we have seen families save money over and over again.  

Happiness is when your boat stands truly ready for you and your family

Our boat is more than a possession, it's a wonderful escape.  The privilege of boat ownership is truly enjoyed when the boat is ready when we are.  When we have a surprise weekend away and have time to soak up spontaneous time on the water, we want our boat to be in excellent mechanical condition.  We depend on it for our safety and our family's safety.  And we want the boat to be as presentable as possible with all features at our disposal and fully functional.   

For all these reasons, we submit our desire to serve you, your family and your wonderful watercraft.  

We are excited every time a new boating family joins our family. 

It's our pleasure to hear your stories, partner in your challenges and work together to find solutions which increase your boat's service life and value. 

When we say we treat your boat as if it's our own, we know your major investment, your family's enjoyment and your safety are all part of the equation.